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BMW (acronyms in German: Bayerische Motoren Werke, «Bavarian Motor factories») is a German car manufacturer of high-end and motorcycles, whose headquarters are in Munich. Its subsidiaries are Mini, Rolls-Royce and BMW Bank. BMW is the world leader in sales among high-end manufacturers, primarily competes with Audi, Volvo, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz, among other high-end vehicles.
BMW was gradually introducing models again design, focused on the 3 series, 5 series and 7 series calls. He also introduced the Z1 name a model sports with body Coupe and convertible, which today has evolved into three different models, the Z3, which was subsequently replaced by the Z4 and Z8, this ultimate luxury. In the field of automobiles, BMW has also developed off-road vehicles, the first of them was the X 5 (1999), of large and luxury, followed by the X 3 (2003), with dimensions smaller than the X 5, and recently, BMW launched a SAC (Sport Activity Coupe (, classification made by the same BMW), called X 6, this vehicle has the height, size of tires and other features of an SUV, but with closer to a sporty proportions and design. With its developments and improvements, BMW is one of the world manufacturers of automotive pioneers in the application of the most modern technology and electronics to their vehicles.
BMW has not abandoned his vocation by motorcycles and currently manufactures a wide range, which includes motorcycle road of high and medium displacement, as well as off-road motorcycles. In recent years he has also presented a totally innovative scooter, the C1, which has a solid structure above the head of the driver and a safety belt, which allows to get rid of the helmet. The success of this scooter is still dubious, but its development proves once again that BMW breaks barriers when it comes to innovation.

Current models

BMW 1 series - tourism segment C with bodywork hatchback, Coupe and convertible
BMW series 2 - sports segment C body Coupe and convertible
BMW 3 series - tourism segment D with bodywork, family sedan, Coupe and convertible
BMW series 4 - segment sport D body Coupe and convertible
BMW 5 series - tourism segment and with bodies sedan and wagon
BMW 6 series - sports with body Coupe and convertible
BMW 7 series - body sedan segment F tourism

X models

BMW X 1 - off-road
BMW X 3 - SUV segment D
BMW X 5 - SUV segment E
BMW X 6 - all-terrain sports segment E

Models Z

BMW Z4 - two seater Cabriolet convertible with metal hood.

M models

BMW 1 M series
X 5 M
X 6 M

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