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Cadillac is a brand of luxury cars, manufactured and sold by the American company General Motors created by William Murphy in 1902. The name was taken from the founder of the city of Detroit, Michigan, in 1701, the officer of the French army, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. Sold mainly in the United States, Canada and Mexico, with weak draught in the European market, given the type of car that is produced, not suitable for Europe. New Cadillac models are now assembled in different GM plants all over the world allowing specific applications for different regions. It is a car company that used the novel at each time in their cars, such as technological advances: power window, radio, and the electric ignition, belts, ABS brakes, power seats position, xenon lights 32 valves engine. Its main competitor is the US company Lincoln, of the consortium of Ford Motor Company.
Currently, General Motors intends to deploy Cadillac in the European market again while removing all Chevrolet models less legendary Camaro and Corvette1.

Current models

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