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Citroen is a construction company founded in 1919 by André Citroën French auto brand. Mark created among other models the utilitarian Citroën H, the Citroen 2CV, Citroën Mehari, Citroën DS and Citroën CX
Since 1976, Citroën is part of the PSA group. They highlight their trade and competition vehicles.

The Citroën logo consists of two gallons or overlapping reversed spikelets (chevrons) and are inspired by an invention of Andre, referring to a gear with V-shaped teeth, which were fitted on models of high performance of Citroën, and that he is trailing in benefits to the flat-tooth gears.
Citroën has been rewarded with numerous awards by their vehicles, for example: once car of the year in the United States of America Motor Trend car of the year; 3 times car of the year in Europe; 10 times car of the year in Spain; and car of the year in Italia2 8 times or 3 times as car of the year in Ireland.
Citroen is the only Builder of cars who has won three official Championships of the International Automobile Federation: in Rally raid; in the World Rally Championship "WRC"; and in the World Touring Car Championship "WTCC". Citroen is also the auto manufacturer who has won more titles of world champion: 15 titles of champion of the world in 15 shares. Citroen won 5 times Rally Raid World Championship; 8 times World Championship Rally "WRC"; and 2 times World Touring Car "WTCC" Championship.
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