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There are different versions about the origin of the name "Jeep". The most widely accepted comes from 1930's cartoons, Popeye the sailor, which appeared a character named Eugene the Jeep, a yellow pet like a dog, with supernatural powers and U.S. soldiers attributed those powers to the Jeep during the second world war. This version is accompanied by other less imaginative, which attributes the name to the initials G. P., General Purpose, under which United States Army launched the competition to provide themselves with a small utility vehicle with four wheels. The reason why these versions are confused and discussed is finally on the way in as it is written: said that the Jeep name is reduced pronunciation of the acronym in English G. P. However, as the character of Popeye the sailor used the name Jeep as to spell the name of the brand, and in addition this likeable character only communicated was through the repetition of "jeep jeep", finally is often attributed the origin of the name.
General George C. Marshall described the Jeep as «The greatest contribution of the United States of America to the modern war operations»

The acceptance of the Jeep as a vehicle for civil work, had already begun before the Decade of the fifties. When the army could not use them, or when her repair was not practical, thousands of these vehicles were sold and provided transport to farms and small businesses throughout Europe. The Jeep was sometimes the only vehicle that could have in the absence of new cars and vans.

Designed to be able to be repaired quickly on the battlefield, were easy to use and cheap to repair. Keep them running was one of the reasons that made that you become open the factory of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, Germany in 1945. As a repair depot, led by the British army, its work was to keep allied forces vehicles. In France, Hotchkiss, a highly respected quality automobiles manufacturer, created a division dedicated to the repair of vehicles jeep for sale to the public. Soon to be surpassed by demand and begin to manufacture under license the Universal Jeep, abandoning their own models of cars in 1954 to concentrate on jeeps and trucks.

Other European manufacturers simply copied the formula Jeep. In Britain, for example, the original prototype of Land Rover, was based on many keys to the Jeep components, as axis and the body casting, even used the same wheelbase, 80 inches. Fiat made its own "Jeep" with the Campagnola series which had a very similar appearance. Even the sports car maker Alfa Romeo created a look similar to the Jeep vehicle, the 1900 AR-52.

Europe would have to wait until 1994 before having an own genuine Jeep. The Austrian Steyr-Daimler-Puch started riding the first generation of the Jeep Grand Cherokee at its factory in Graz in a joint venture with Chrysler. At that time, 100 daily containers arriving from the United States to Austria by train and sea were greater shipping done all over Europe.

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