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After the second world war, Ferruccio Lamborghini, who had served in a transport task for the Italian army, began to buy surplus military vehicles into agricultural machinery.
Such was the success of his new business, in 1960, Lamborghini was the third Italian industrialist in the field of the construction of agricultural machinery, especially tractors. With the profit, Ferruccio began an opulent life, acquiring some properties, and especially many sports cars such as Mercedes, Lancia, Maserati and Ferrari. He was an admirer of Enzo Ferrari for the way in which kept her company, but always had a difficulty: Ferruccio had mechanical problems with his Ferrari. In particular, and the straw that broke the camel, was the clutch of his Ferrari 250 GTB. After numerous revisions at the workshop, it still fails. Ferruccio decided to communicate it to one of his mechanics, who after disassemble and check, discovered that it was the same as that used in their tractors, of course, priced higher than being in a sports car, which enraged him. Tired of having to put up with these inconveniences, it engaged in a conversation with the same Enzo Ferrari that went down in history.
According to the words of the same Lamborghini: «The Ferrari only created me problems». "One day, already tired of sending them to the workshop, Enzo I called to tell him that their cars were pure garbage." "And he said that a tractor manufacturer could not understand their cars." From this curious argument, the owner iracundo began schemed the idea of manufacturing sports car to compete with the brand of the Cavallino Rampante.

Parallel to the Supercars with V12 engine, another less powerful and model «accessible», as the Urraco engine V8 (1972) was performed. All of these names are Spanish, related to bullfighting, which was the passion of Ferruccio Lamborghini. Miura is a former breeder of bulls; Islero was a famous animal that killed the famous Bullfighter Manolete. In general each name is taken from a wild Bull 'pardoned'; This is that is it has forgiven life by their bravery and courage (will go to stud dog) in the fight against the killer, related features with automobiles, always according to Ferruccio Lamborghini. Hence the coat of arms of the firm that bears the name 'Raging Bull' (Bull).
In the 1990's, would appear the substitute of the Countach; It was the spectacular Lamborghini Diablo (Devil name comes from a bravo animal of the 19th century that was handled by the Chicorro Bullfighter), which claimed for himself, as it was customary in the models of this brand, the title of fastest production of the municipal car V12-engined do, exceeding 320 km/h.
There are numerous variations based «Devil»: «VT» of all-wheel drive (1993), «SE30» (1994) commemorating 30 years of the factory, the «SV» (1996) or "Super Veloce' (perfected for speed), but despite these masterpieces, Lamborghini could not rebound economically, which led him to be on the verge of bankruptcy in 1998, year in which was integrated into the German Volkswagen Group. Finally the last Devil "GT" (1999), «GTR» (1999) and "VT 6.0 is» (2001) disappear and give way to the «bat» (Bull 'pardoned' by struggling in a fierce fight against the Lagartijo Bullfighter) in 2001, and the less powerful Gallardo (Gallardo refers to a breed of) (bulls, of the inlaid Pablo Romero) in 2003.
At the beginning of 2003, there was an agreement with the German team Reiter Engineering to introduce the first Lamborghini strictly racing in the FIA GT Racing. The idea of races for Lamborghini had already been ruled out in the beginning because in the words of Ferruccio: races are the way to faster ruin, I compete in the street. So we had to bring the bat under standards GT, under the new Murcielago R-GT, and later with the GTR Gallardo. Both so far have had a moderate success.
The company celebrated its 40 years in 2003 found at its best, since it has quadrupled its sales worldwide, the convertible model created «Murciélago Roadster», in 2004 and in 2005 the «Gallardo Spyder», in 2006 launched the evolution based
«Bat» called «LP 640», limited edition «Reventón» and the «Gallardo Superleggera» in 2007; and in 2008 was released the lamborghini rapier already to date a new model called the URUS lamborghini launched in 2017

350 GT 1964-1966
400 GT 1966-1968
Miura 1966-1972
Sword 1968-1978
Islero 1968-1969
Jarama 1970-1976
Urraco 1973-1979
Countach 1974-1990
Silhouette 1976-1979
JALPA 1981-1988
LM002 1986-1993
Devil 1990-2001
Gallardo 2003-2013
Blow-out 2008-2010
Sesto element 2012
Poison 2013-2014

Lamborghini vehicles in production
Winnower 2011-present
Hurricane 2014-present
Coupes: in production
Centennial 2016-present

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