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MCC Smart (abbreviation of Micro Compact Car Swatch Mercedes Art) is a brand of small cars created by an Association of joint venture between Swatch and Mercedes-VEC enterprises type. Smart was founded to produce focused on suburban use. The Smart brand is part of Daimler AG as Micro Compact Car GmbH. The company name was changed to Smart GmbH.
Throughout its history, Smart has had 4 models in production: the city - coupé or fortwo, the forfour, the roadster and the roadster - coupé. However has been its first model, the city - Coupe or the most emblematic fortwo, the first to occur and the production until the recent introduction of the ForFour only second generation by 2015. Thinking of introducing new models, Smart has made its appearance in different automobile salons and has presented prototypes and probed the market with a view to the creation of new models. He presented a prototype electric scooter in the Paris Salon of 2010.; at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show the third Forspeed.La prototype generation of the Smart Fortwo has been launched to the market in November 2014, sharing platform and production site with the Renault Twingo. This latest generation is accompanied by the second iteration of the Smart Forfour.

Previous models
2003-2005, Smart Roadster : Two-seat sports car with a convertible body type targa (with part of the body forming a bar roll and removable hard top). It shares the basic structure of the Fortwo, but with the same rear position of the engine. This model also ceased to occur during 2006, although DaimlerChrysler announced that it had sold the tooling for the model to an English company so that it could continue with the production under own brand. There was also the Smart Roadster Coupe which differs from the Roadster with a module of Crystal on the area of the engine, as an extension of the roof. It suffered the same fate of the Forfour and Roadster.
2004-2006 Smart Forfour : Auto tourism segment B. It was developed in conjunction with the Mitsubishi Colt and manufactured in Holland. During the first quarter of 2006 was made official the cancellation of production of this model due to the low profitability of the brand Smart.

Models in production

1998-present, Smart Fortwo : available in versions two-seat microcar coupé and convertible; for a time the Crossblade, a homeless and with hollow doors version. Its body panels are removable, so the body color can be changed in minutes.

November 2014-news, Smart ForFour second generation: revamped version of the Smart ForFour from first generation (2004-2006). Based on the platform of the Renault Twingo, has engine and rear-wheel drive with a motor turbo 3 cylinder, from November 2014 since in 2006, it was closed by the low sales.
Future models (officially announced)

Smart ED (Smart Electric Drive): electric version of the Smart Fortwo, which employs directly rechargeable through a standard plug to the mains. Their long-awaited autonomy is between 60-70 km, and is expected to put on sale after end of the pilot. The Smart ED was released in the EU on 01-07-2010.

Smart-for-us , shown at the Salon of Detroit, in January 2012, and inspired by the Forvision concept presented in Frankfurt, with dimensions similar to the of a Fiat 500 (2007). Account with a 17.6 lithium-ion batteries and 55 kW electric motor kWh, a maximum speed of 120 km/h and a range of 140 km.


Smart Electric Scooter: prototype of electric scooter presented at the Salon of the Paris automobile of the year 2010.3
Smart Forspeed: prototype two-seater car presented at the Geneva Motor Show of the year 2011.
Smart ForVision: prototype two-seater car presented at the Salon at the Frankfurt automobile of the year 2011.
Smart Forstarts: prototype electric Smart with theater built into the hood. It will be presented formally, at the motor show of Paris 2012.
Conversion to electric vehicles

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