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Toyota has become one of the most profitable Japanese companies and with more success and one of the leading corporations in the automotive industry by presenting the first automatic in the industry available commercially (Advanced Parking Guidance System), a box eight-speed automatic gearbox, guide traffic in real-time with remapping of dynamic route and a climate-control of four zones with infrared technology in their models of the division Lexus. It is also one of the few companies of cars that has produced widely and promoted cars based on a hybrid fuel technology as in the Prius, Toyota model and even the Lexus luxury car division. Toyota consistently figure as a manufacturer of one of the most reliable automobiles in the world according to surveys and analyses, Toyota also now had run out head of fixed design, specifically 18 months, but now Tokuo Fukuichi (with 38 years of) experience in design), says that we must renew the current design of Toyota, on the other more renewed depending on what the specific. Now to the main centres of brand design have sent new forms of design, these centers are: ED2 in France and Calty in California. Tokyo says it wants to give more character to the design already it has formed the 86 GT, new model in which your taillights are inspired by the legendary 2000GT ' 67 model, but also the same lights came from the buses of the time. Concepts of possible exit to the market as the FT-86 G SPORTS also are being concept7/6/2012.
Toyota Motor Corporation was founded on September 23, 1933, when Toyoda Automatic Loom created a new division dedicated to the production of automobiles under the direction of the son of the founder, Kiichiro Toyoda. Soon after, the division produced its first motor type A in 1934, which was used in the first model A1 in May 1935 and the G1 truck in August 1935. The production of the model AA began in 1936.
Although the Toyota Group is more known today for its cars, even it is present in the textile business and still manufacturing automatic looms and electric sewing machines that are available worldwide.

Toyota Motor Co. It was established as an independent company in 1937. Although the founding family name is Toyoda, the company's name was changed to mean the working life of the founders of family life, simplify the pronunciation, and to give the company a happy start. Toyota is considered to be more lucky than Toyoda in Japan, where it is considered the eight as a lucky number, and eight is the number of strokes needed to write Toyota in Katakana. In Chinese the company and its vehicles are referring by equivalent characters with Chinese reading.
During the second world war the company was dedicated to the production of trucks for the Imperial Japanese army. Because of severe shortages in Japan, the military trucks were manufactured as simple as possible. For example, the trucks had only a lighthouse in the center of the hood. The war ended shortly before an Allied bombardment in the factories of Toyota in the Aichi.
Commercial car production began in 1947 with the model SA. In 1950 a separate sales company, Toyota Motor Sales Co. It was created (lasted until July 1982). In May 1953, 5 Land Cruiser were exported to El Salvador, becoming the first Toyota to arrive in the Americas. In April 1956 the chain Toyopet dealer was established. The following year, the Toyota Crown became the first Japanese car to be exported to the United States and the U.S. divisions of Toyota (Toyota Motor Sales Inc.) and Brazilian (Toyota do Brazil S.A.) were established.
Toyota began to expand in the 1960's with a new facility for research and development in Thailand a division was established, the diezmillonesimo model was produced, a Deming Prize and partnerships with Hino Motors and Daihatsu were also established. At the end of the Decade, Toyota had established a worldwide presence, since the company had exported its millionth unit.
The expansion continued throughout the 1970's. The company was awarded its first Japanese quality Control at the beginning of the Decade and established a presence in motor racing.
In 1982, Toyota Motor Company and Toyota Motor Sales merged into a company, Toyota Motor Corporation. Two years later, Toyota joined NUMMI, the New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. Toyota then began to establish new marks at the end of the 1980's, with the launch of its brand of luxury Lexus in 1989.
With a significant presence in Europe, due to the success of Toyota Team Europe, the Corporation decided to create TMME, Toyota Motor Europe Marketing & Engineering, to help sell vehicles on the continent. Two years later, Toyota created a base in the United Kingdom, TMUK, as the company cars had become very popular among British drivers. Bases were also created in Indiana, Virginia and Tianjin. In 1999, the company decided to quote on the stock exchange in New York and London.
In 2001, Toyota's Toyo Trust and Banking merged with two other banks to form UFJ Bank, which was accused of corruption by the Government for making bad loans to the mafia Yakuza [citation needed] the UFJ became one of the worst corporations with losses of money in the world, with the Chairman of Toyota, occupying the position of director. [citation needed] At that time, the UFJ was one of the largest shareholders of Toyota. As a result of the crisis of Bank of Japan, the UFJ was merged with the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi to become Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group.
In 2002, Toyota managed to enter a Formula 1 team and establish joint ventures with French Citroen and Peugeot car companies, this was established a year after Toyota started producing cars in France.
According to the Fortune Global 500 in 2008, Toyota is the fifth largest company in the world. In the Forbes Global 2000 in 2006 is the twelfth largest in the world. It has been consistently gaining market share in the United States, while they encogían the sales of Ford and General Motors in the United States.
In March 2009, Toyota slashed its production by more than 50%, to reduce their inventories and confront the fall of sales.

Toyota models:

Toyota FJ Cruiser.
Toyota Fortuner.
Toyota Hiace.
Corolla Verso
Corolla Levin
Corolla Fielder
Mark X
Urban Cruiser
iQ, competitor of the Smart Fortwo, but four-passenger
FJ Cruiser
Land Cruiser

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