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In 1947 the Wilks brothers, directors of the English Rover factory, had the idea of producing a vehicle all terrain for the civilian public. To do this, using the rugged chassis of a Jeep Willys of World War II, adapted from Rover, a petrol engine, a gearbox and rear axle and as a result made a prototype. At the beginning the driving position was going to the center of the front seat, thinking their use in different countries with right-hand or left-hand driving. The idea did not prosper. The body of the first model was straight lines built with riveted aluminium panels to avoid the shortage of iron of the era. A group of three simple front seats on a transverse metal drawer with two benches located longitudinally in the rear allowed to transport nine people. The roof was of canvas with a metal frame to secure it. The removable front doors in its upper half had detachable part of sliding glass. Finally, in 1948 it was unveiled at the Amsterdam and in 1949 began manufacturing.
In 1967, the brand becomes part of Leyland, who later became British Leyland, under the name of Rover Triumph. In 1970, Range Rover is introduced to the market. In 1975, British Leyland collapses and is nationalised. During the process, it is recommended that Land Rover separate Rover and they are treated as different but contained companies within British Leyland.
In 1978, Land Rover Limited is formed as a separate subsidiary, part of British Leyland. In 1980, the production of Rover ends up on the ground of Solihull, being transferred the manufacture of the SD1 to Cowley, Oxford; so the plant exclusively engaged in the manufacture of the Land Rover. That year is also introduced the 5-door Range Rover.