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Which yesterday outside a small white fishing village, is today one of the most cosmopolitan places of the Costa del Sol, with the most famous Marina in the Mediterranean, Puerto Banus, where the most famous and legendary yachts have anchored.
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This center of the jet-set, residence or place of princes, millionaires, or members of the show business holiday, presents itself as a clean, safe and careful, population with beautiful boulevards, parks and gardens. Its historic centre has taste Moorish and Andalusian, with narrow streets adorned with flowers and fragrant orange blossom.
Its fantastic climate, with an annual average of 18.7 ° C, with blue skies, intense, make it a place of singular beauty destination throughout the year. Its beautiful sandy beaches lapped by the warm and blue Mediterranean Sea, with the traditional bars to offer the best fish, and its very complete and exclusive offer on the playful, to the delight of the most demanding, make it paradise destiny during the summer.
Its clientele distinguished and elegant, enjoy fantastic facilities hotel, gastronomic and sports, the best tracks of golf, practice all kinds of water sports facilities, horse riding, tennis, etc. Its cultural offerings among museums, concerts, and his leisure with entertainment, Casino, trendy clubs, jump to the press frequently and promise fantastic possibilities of enjoyment.
Marbella: Visit tourist

The sea From Guadalmina to Cabopino, the Marbella coast extends through 26 km. from beaches of blue, sunny and warm. Throughout all of them will find many "Chiringuitos" or beach bars, where you can toggle the bathroom with the delicious cuisine of fish or seafood, typical paella or "gazpacho". At the same time, Marbella offers three marinas where luxury yachts anchored in waters both in winter and in summer. In addition, facilities for sports such as sailing among others, nautical, can satisfy the most demanding. The Avenida del Mar, built over an underground car park, offers a fantastic opportunity to park in the Centre, within walking distance of the beach and the old part of the town. It is a nice walk with beds of flowers, fountains and lanterns of modern design that takes us from the gardens of the Alameda Park to the wide promenade that runs parallel to the beach. Puerto Banus
One of the favorite spots of Marbella jetsetters, where are concentrated the most luxury yachts, the best shops and restaurants. It offers a picture in the style of a Mediterranean port, where its white houses contrast with radiant blue sea and a sky. In the us we find numerous terraces of restaurants and bars that invite you to relax a few meters from the luxury boats. The historic centre The Plaza de los Naranjos is the geographic and human centre of Marbella, both during the day and at night. As its name suggests, it is a typical Andalusian square full of Orange. Arab reminiscences predominate in the architecture of the houses and streets that surround it. At its Center is a Renaissance fountain of s. XV and is flanked by the traditional flavor to the City Hall, s. XVI, and the Casa del Corregidor, of the s. XVII. This square which during the day is a great commercial activity scenario, night opens its doors to an elegant and distinguished clientele dining under the star with the scent of orange blossom or the Lady of night on their terraces. But perhaps the most famous picture of the old part of Marbella is narrow streets of Arabic-Andalusian flavour, with its dazzling whitewashed neat white houses, their pots in the balconies with a profusion of flowers, their lamps and their typical lattices . Among them are the "Rincón de la Virgen", in the Remedios Street, calle de los Dolores and San Cristobal, all of them of great beauty.
Museums and monuments The oldest historical remains of Marbella can find them in the Roman Villa of the s. II in Rio Verde, the Roman thermal baths of s. III in the vaults and the early Christian Basilica of s. IV in Vega del Mar. Of the Arab times they stand the ruins of an Arab fortress of the 9th, and near it is located the Church of the incarnation, of the s. XVI, which overlooks a lovely little square. Also from this period you can visit Palace Bazan, of century XVI, which houses inside the Spanish contemporary engraving Museum, is the most important of Spain in its class. His works include Picasso, Dali, Miro and Tapies. Finally, the archaeological museum, in the Plaza de los Naranjos, gives us an interesting exhibition of Visigothic, Roman and Paleochristian remains.
Perhaps the most interesting is the Park of the "stream of dam," which has a "Bonsai Museum", which houses one of the best collections of bonsai in Europe.
The Alameda Park, looks like a botanical garden. It has a very interesting flora of great antiquity with fantastic specimens of ficus, pinacea and other rare species.
The Constitution Park, offers an image more typically Mediterranean, decorated by arabigo-andaluzas architectural constructions. It is a fantastic scenario during the summer to attend concerts or performances of ballet in the open air. Marbella: Fiestas and folklore
Similar to Marbella is proud to offer entertainment for all, pop music in "Banana beach", classical music in the magnificent Auditorium of Nagüeles quarry or in the Church of the incarnation, can also be said that its folk festivals include for all tastes:
From the Carnival, in February, presenting an explosion of grace, color and joy to the most international mode, moves on to the fair, on June 11, with all the tradition and the quaintness of a pagan festival. Here we will enjoy the flamenco singing, dancing with their beautiful costumes. And at this fair if not as big as the most famous Andalusian fairs, we will highlight the elegance of its decorations.
And as the last link in this contrast the feast of the Patron Saint, that of the Virgin of Carmen, on 16 July with a Marbella seafood and traditional where fishermen barges acidic an authentic and pure, spectacle with all of them adorned with flowers in procession in honor of the Virgin. Nightlife in Marbella
Describe in a few words all that is and means the nightlife in Marbella is difficult, because supply so small geography is vast and almost every corner will be a grain of sand that contributes to the nights of Marbella to captivate those who have pro bado and invite back.
It is naturally in summer or during the warm when it comes to its climax and the atmosphere is full of his glory, both here as in Puerto Banus you get tired of seeing beautiful people and rich, luxurious cars and yachts and even millionaires and prominent as the topics here are truth. Although unfortunately not are all at hand, since many private celebrity parties are banned in the eyes of the curious. However not that is the reason why you'll find reasons to do because there are a lot of sites where you can enjoy great time as:
Puerto Banus
Where they found shelter the famous yachts of the "Prince Abdulazis", the "Nabila" and the "Alan87i", is the most famous recreational port of the Mediterranean. Here you can enjoy the luxurious and frivolous atmosphere that you only thought you appeared in the film. There are plenty of restaurants for all tastes, ages and pockets (though for the most powerful pockets there is more). So don't you worry if you have money and don't know where spending it because in this business care to give you 1001 ideas in this regard. And if this still is not enough check out the Casino, because apart from being able to mingle with the jet, they will help you to get rid of the rest. In any case contemplate going and come from the powerful and enjoy crazy in the most outstanding clubs nights perhaps elbow to elbow with any famous is something that is the order of the day, so if you like this scene, you know where to find it.
Marbella Center
Starting at the Plaza de los Naranjos whose terraces are a delight for the romantic pleasure of a dinner in the light of the stars, you can take multiple streets in different directions to appreciate the nice combination of international tourists with the naturalness of the most typical Andalusian village. The terraces proliferate like mushrooms. Good cuisine with fresh fish and seafood are classic and honest restaurants, where frequent quotation is given the jet set. There are also pubs to suit all tastes, some shows or live music. VIP CARS RENT A CAR well organized your transport is leading the vehicle you choose to your hotel or to the airport so you can drive freely or puts at your service its magnificent Tesla Model S or Mercedes V Class with a driver so that you can enjoy the city without worrying about by Park. VIP CARS RENT A CAR are the ideal complement in his travels.