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Valencia, the land of flowers and faults, is one of the cities largest and most important of Spain, and one of the most vibrant. Being located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, one finds the beaches in the heart of the city. Not surprisingly, especially during the summer, the visiting large number of tourists. So if you want to vacation in the beach with fantastic possibilities for practicing any sport (golf, diving, cycling, tennis, etc, all of them are very popular here) and enjoy a glittering night life, together with a wide range of cultural, then Valencia is the place to do so. VIP CARS RENT A CAR well organized your transport is leading the vehicle you choose to your hotel or to the airport so you can drive freely or puts at your service its magnificent Tesla Model S or Mercedes V Class with a driver so that you can enjoy the city without worrying about by Park. VIP CARS RENT A CAR are the ideal complement in his travels. Important international fairs confirmed that Valencia is one of the most dynamic cities of Spain. Strolling through the streets and enjoy the abundant possibilities that the capital offers is something for which the hours can run without realizing. If after that, one appetite, then it is time to test the most famous of Spain dish exactly where the Paella Valenciana was born.

In addition Valencia is of course the city where del Cid, national hero, fought against the Moors in times of reconquest. Many popular festivals in the city and surrounding villages remind even events of this period. But in this chapter we will not forget especially Las Fallas, impressive festivals of light and fire that will impress that here pass coinciding with these dates.
In recent years, Valencia has acquired an additional role internationally. Have contributed to this important cultural events; as the construction of the city of Arts and Sciences and sports; as having been the seat of the America's Cup, the competition's most important sailing the world, or the Grand Prize of Formula I which takes place in a spectacular urban circuit that runs through the port area.
La Movida
The famous "movida" Valencian is exceptionally hectic and prolonged. And if you don't know what we are going to try to give you a brief explanation; It's a "mass phenomenon of youth, by which every individual wanting to party out on Friday night, and in some cases Thursday, to encourage pubs and clubs and returns home Sunday afternoon. "This individual, multiplied by the large number of young people who populate the city (especially emphasized by the growth of the population from the 1960s) entails as a result an experience without equal to only the well trained can be overcome". The most visited night clubs found in nursery areas, avenida Blasco Ibáñez, in the Avenue Primate Reig, at the height of the exit to Barcelona (at the "light of Europe") and on the street that goes to Alboraya.
The beach
This designation refers to the beaches that are in Valencia, from the breakwater of the port to the baths of the sands or more concise Neptune Avenue. Here you will find a good number of restaurants, some with more than 100 years, with simple and bright decoration and terraces overlooking the sea, offering more traditional seafood cuisine. Cabanal-Malvarrosa Beach area there is a wide pedestrian promenade of several kilometers from where provides a broad view of the Gulf of Valencia. And for drinks or tapas also there are a good number of lively terraces in the Mediterranean more fun style. So if you're coming to Valencia in the summer not ever avoid "the beach". Valencia: Fiestas and folklore Valencia, land of explosive and majestic festivities, banners, parades and music and especially fire in all its forms, where they were born artifice fire specialists. Here, even the religious processions contain folk and spectacular elements. Living with them their patron, in few places in the world will be so unforgettable emotions. And it is that the Valencian wasted and lives the present, is perhaps one of the few towns where you can work a year developing the most impressive monument craft to burn it in one night. And one when he admires such splendor wondered if they are arsonists, these Valencian. But in any case this explosion of colorful speaks of a rooted sense of living the present with the greatest joy, a village of levante, accustomed to improvise, to celebrate as if it were the last day of his life. Their most important celebration and one that synthesizes all told and the Valencian celebrate Las Fallas de San Jose. For four days and four nights remain planted in numerous streets and squares huge monuments of cardboard, plastic and scandalous, taunt issued with both art and self-assurance. This is the way for the start of the spring, with explosion and fire (which is what the word failure means). The last day, of San Jose, March 19 will burn them and impressive bonfires, reminiscent of an ancient rite and thus the city will burn on its four sides.
Binds to a large list of celebrations that will take place in the city, as typical parades, which highlights the beauty of the female folk costumes that are more richly made Spain, dances, banquets, and all a Carnival with runs for a week Bullring and, as always, the extraordinary Fireworks.
Other festivals of interest are:
The fair in July, with great fanfare of pyrotechnics, battles of flowers and sports and important competitions bullfights of bulls, especially that of July 25, which gathers the most illustrious bullfighters of the moment. On 9 October, day of the Valencian Community, commemorates the conquest of the city in Arab hands by Jaime I. celebrating the "party of the Mocaora", in which each Miss will receive a (mocador) silk scarf by wrapping the typical marzipan sweets called piuletes and tronadors.
Valencia: gastronomy
The Sun with its juicy oranges, Orchard, with the best vegetables, and the sea with its fresh, varied and tasty fish and seafood make intractable Valencian cuisine. Maxime when so tasty ingredients are irrigated with a good wine, utiel-Requena and Valencia. What else does a discriminating palate?. Great rice protagonist of his notable creations, has written a great page in the Spanish gastronomic history, with the most famous creation of Spanish cuisine; the Paella Valenciana. But perhaps not everyone can have a very clear idea of what is paella, as the most widespread internationally has been seafood and the mixed, which added the chicken to the tasty products from the sea and the garden. But what perhaps is not known is the most "Valencian" which adds to the rice, chicken, snails and vegetables. Calling in Valencia "marinera" seafood paella. And it is that to make a good paella, not just having the best ingredients of rice, saffron, meat, fish and vegetables, but making it is an art because it is very difficult to get the rice in your perfect point, is also a show with your flat skillet, its color and the decoration of their presentation, and is a provocation to the appetite (reason why hard work for me keep writing these pages). Another variant of paella is the Fideua which substitutes rice noodles. Another delicious Valencian recipe is rice negre, or "black rice", that has as a major ingredient of cuttlefish and acquires this color with the same ink. Another great creation in Valencian is a very peculiar drink, Horchata. This delicious sweet drink, color ivory and consistency similar to e milk is made to base of Tiger nuts, like plant rice, which only occurs in Alboraya, neighbouring village to Valencia. It is served very cold, therefore it is consumed especially in summer time. Is traditional with Fartons, some elongated and thin size buns which are the indispensable complement to enjoy this typical beverage Valencia. VIP CARS RENT A CAR well organized your transport is leading the vehicle you choose to your hotel or to the airport so you can drive freely or puts at your service its magnificent Tesla Model S or Mercedes V Class with a driver so that you can enjoy the city without worrying about by Park. VIP CARS RENT A CAR are the ideal complement in his travels.